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Couples Counselling

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Couples counseling helps both people hear their story within a safe space where open and honest discussions can take place. Often couples can feel stuck and unable to move forward together, counselling provides an environment where both parties are valued, listened too and allowed to share how they feel without interruption. Between sessions there is time for self reflection and time to continue working together.

Couples counselling can provide a judgement free space - free from blame or advice. It can help couples who wish to stay together and move forward, likewise it can also benefit couples who wish to be apart yet want to retain as amicable relationship as possible - this can be particular beneficial where a couple have children.

Who can benefit?

Everyone. Even starting the process of counselling can provide help - being a couple who want to understand and learn how to communicate effectively is important. It can help two people learn to listen and hear each other.

How long do we have to attend relationship counselling sessions?

This is difficult to answer, since therapy is not a quick or easy fix. It requires commitment of time and focus. Many people think that one session alone will suffice, generally session one allows the couple to both start the process of speaking and being listened too.

Is the therapy weekly and how long is each session?

Yes, it can be weekly, it is often beneficial to start weekly. Each session will last for one hour.

Do we get homework?

No, you will not get homework although it can be beneficial to reflect on the session. Therapy can often provide insight that is hard to find from either friends or family.

Cost - £65 per 50 minutes couples

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